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Kurt has Unlimited Solutions for Park & Recreational Lighting

Community Parks

An LED lighting retrofit in communal park spaces and pathways provide a secure environment for visitors while reducing energy consumption, saving you and your organization money. An Increase in reliable lighting deters loitering and criminal activity.

Tennis Courts
Tennis Court

Kurt’s tennis court solutions have a positive environment impact by reducing glare, light spillage, and sky glow. LED lighting provides high performance and energy efficiency to keep you on the court longer.

Basketball Courts

Whether it’s a private, residential court, or a covered municipal location, Kurt has the products and installation expertise to retrofit basketball courts. Both indoor and outdoor courts are eligible for LED retrofiting that can save you money.

Swimming Complexes

Traditional swimming complex lighting consumes a considerably larger amount of energy than LED lighting technology. Both indoor and outdoor swimming complexes can benefit from the improved light quality that simulates natural daylight underwater.

Pavilions and Shelters

Kurt also offers lighting for private and municipal shelters and pavilions. Replacing old and outdated fixtures with LED technology would mean more time to spend with friends and family, in a comfortable and safe environment.