Solar LED Lighting in the Forest

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Solar LED Lighting in the Forest

On May 16, 2017 Posted by , With Comments Off on Solar LED Lighting in the Forest

Creekmont Forest came to Kurt looking for ways to brighten up its dark resolute areas. The challenge Creekmont faced was that those specific areas of the property had no electricity available or nearby.

The property asked Kurt:

-How much time & the cost would it be to install new electricity?
-Are there alternative ways to resolve this lighting & electrical challenge?

Kurt relayed to the property that it indeed had the perfect Solar LED lighting solution. This Kurt Solar solution would be more affordable than adding electricity, provide the performance and durability needed at each location, offer a dusk to dawn high quality LED illumination, and is rated-warrantied to last for years! After a simple Kurt install on pre-existing structures – this sleek, fully integrated, easy to use Solar LED fixture(s) worked the 1st night out of the box (picture) at no additional energy consumption or maintenance cost to the Forest! Be sure to ask Kurt for more details!

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